Hello and welcome to the official blog of "PirateBoy Torrents". Hope you are enjoying this site. In this page you will get the answers to some of the most common questions that may arise in your mind.

Q: What do you mean by PirateBoy Torrents?
A: These are the releases by PirateBoy, of course! Well, this is the official blog where you will get all the anime releases from PirateBoy

Q: So, what else do I get in this blog?
A: You will get detailed information on each of the uploads here. The information will include detailed plot, audio-video info, screenshots (may be) and many more. You will get direct download links and torrent for each release.

Q: How can I follow these posts?
A: You can visit our official Facebook fan-page here. You can also follow us on Twitter here. You can even subscribe to our feeds (top of the page) or subscribe via your e-mail address (on the right side of any page). You can also join this site and follow it by using your own Google (gmail) account. The link is to the right side of the page under "Followers" option. Remember, WE NEVER STORE YOUR PASSWORD.

Q: Are there any direct download links available for the uploaded stuff?
A: Well, yes. We have, from now on, agreed to add direct downloads links of your releases here. You will get our links here and may be in some other places in the internet. We will mainly use Tusfiles as our file-hosts.

Q: Why advertisements?
A:  We are extremely sorry if we have offended you but it takes us hours of hard wok to download, encode, upload and seed the torrents of the animes. So, concerning the advertisements (ads), it will take you only 5 seconds to wait for the download. Moreover, this site is banner and pop-up free. Besides, everything here is just free of cost. So, please co-operate with us.

Q: How do I download the stuff using the torrents?
A: There are links to the torrents on each of the posts for the uploads. Click that link. It will take you directly to the torrent site. Once there, you can then download the torrent file using the "download" option.
     Next, you have to have a torrent client like utorrent, bittorrent, azureus(vuze) or something similar. Once you have downloaded one of the torrent clients [I recommend utorrent], install it. Now, double click the downloaded torrent file of the anime. It automatically open in the client. Now, you can start the download. By the way, make sure you seed back to at lest 1:1 ratio. Just keep it open as it is even after it completes downloading, that's all!

Q: Can I request an anime here?
A: Yes, you can. Well, I need to prepare a request form for that. For now, you can request anime in my facebook page.

Q: Can I register myself here in this blog?
A: Well, currently there is no registration option. But you can join this site and follow the posts here by using your own Google account. The link is to the right side of the page under "Followers" option.

Q: How can I contact the site administrator for any other problem I face?
A: I hope you will not face any problems here. If you face any problems, refer to this page. Otherwise, you can contact us here. You can also contact us in our facebook page or twitter.

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Thank you and we hope you enjoy your stay here.

Current Projects

>> Random manga (as requested).

>> Anime series that will be uploaded in due time.


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