Read before requesting:

  1. I only release in MP4. So, DO NOT ask for anything else like MKV, AVI, blah blah blah...
  2. I prefer to use 2-channel AAC for audio. DO NOT ask for FLAC, DTS or anything else. In case you want a better AAC format, just include that in the request.
  3. I prefer 720p and 480p releases only. So, no 1080p releases here. Sorry.
  4. I generally prefer releasing batches.
  5. DO NOT request something that has not yet released!
  6. I have a super-slow internet connection. It takes time to download the source, encode, upload and seed the torrents. So, have patience.
  7. Only anime. No cartoons or other stuff here.
  8. Accepting a request will entirely depend on me.
  9. Here's a list of the anime requests I got and they will be done sometime in the distant future eventually when I get time. So, DO NOT request the same anime again and again. Go through the list and request your anime only if it is not in the list.

Requested anime list:

Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO)
Slam Dunk
One Piece

If you think you meet all the conditions above, then feel free request below.

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  1. Hi PirateBoy

    I Love your torrents,especially the one piece series.I know you've said that you are busy and cannot upload anime right now but seeing as season 16 has been completed, could please just give an estimate as to when you might be able to encode and upload it.
    I would highly appreciate it

    Thank You!!!

    P.S. if there is no chance of you uploading season 16 could you please guide me to different source from where I can get the whole series in one package :)

    1. Hello Sachet,

      Well, all the One Piece that I had uploaded were not my encodes. I plan on encoding and uploading all the One Piece episodes in the future. But, if you want them now, you can search them here:

    2. Thanks for the reply

      I'll wait for your upload as I love and trust the versions you upload. :)

      hope to them up soon.

    3. That's really sweet. But as I have got many requests already, I plan on doing them before One Piece. So, OP will take a long time to start :P Sorry but can't help really. :(


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